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Tig Ol’ Bitties: Megularlo Silicone Breast Forms Review

One of the first items on my femme stuff shopping list pretty much since coming out was a nice, busty set of breast forms. When I picture who I am and what I look like after an ideal transition, that mental image definitely includes some glorious tits. Eventually, I’ll find the money and insurance to get breast augmentation, but I’ll wait first to see what HRT does for my body.  When I’m talking about breasts and breast forms, it’s important to me that I point out you don’t need breasts to be a woman or femme. If that’s not part of your mental self-image, then you do you. For me though, I feel validated, feminine, and pretty when I have shapely breasts, and less so without because it doesn’t match up with how I see myself. Breast forms are great for mastectomy patients, too! And you don’t have to put a label on like transgender or cross-dresser if you’re just curious about what it might be like to have breasts.

Finding the Boobs For Me

After receiving my first paycheck from my new job, I decided it was time to dive in and get my first pair of forms. I was so fuckin’ excited y’all, but since we’re just getting on our feet again, I wanted to make sure my pick was worthy. I couldn’t afford some of the higher end match-your-skin-tone custom sets. About $50 was as high as I was looking to spend on my first pair. I checked reviews on Amazon, the questions section (side note: you should always read the questions on Amazon products you’ve never bought before – people come up with good questions you’d want to know the answer to but maybe haven’t thought about), and when I narrowed it down to the top 3 choices I did some comparison shopping at other sites.

Importantly, before checking out I asked several people if they thought the D cup would look good on my frame or not. You can do the same, and also be sure to know what size bra you’ll need.

I finally settled my mind on the Megularlo Silicone Breast Forms because they fit my budget and overall had great reviews. A few reviews mentioned slow shipping but since I purchased the Amazon Prime item, I knew it would ship from an Amazon warehouse on time typically. The D cup forms cost me $46.99 but as of this writing, they range from an A cup (500g / pair) at $28.99 up to $53.99 for a DD cup (1200g / pair). This D cup weighs in at a solid 1000g or 2.2 lbs per pair.

Pinitan Amazon image of the Megularlo breast forms

Titties: The Arrival

Two days later, I anxiously refreshed the Amazon package tracking page and was thrilled to see it was out for delivery! The weird thing was that it said USPS, but was being delivered on a Sunday. I did not know they did that. But they did! When my wife brought my package to me I yelled “MY BOOBIES ARE HERE!” and did the patented Zöe Happy Dance™.

Pinita photo of the plain white box the breast forms ship in with a tiny text-only label

My package came in a standard Amazon box, so there’s no way to know from the outside what you ordered. The inner packaging was also very discreet, coming in a plain white box with just a tiny white non-graphic label stating its contents. So this could easily sit on a shelf or somewhere else in plain sight and shouldn’t draw any unwanted attention.

Pinita photo of the box contents including the two breast forms in the translucent zip top bag

Inside the box, the Megularlo forms sat inside a translucent zip-top bag – which I recommend you keep and use to store your forms. The bag will keep dirt and dust from getting on your forms and make cleaning a lot easier. I tossed the box because I don’t need as much discretion inside the house, and the bag slips into a dresser drawer when out of use.

Oh My Gosh These Things Are HUGE

Pinita size comparison photo of the forms beside a short stick of deodorant

They aren’t cartoonishly over-sized, but a bare, individual D cup boob is larger than I expected. Once I put them on though, they definitely fit my frame and didn’t look gigantic for my size. Reviewers on Amazon claimed they were smaller than anticipated, so I ordered one size larger than my bra cup size. Between the potentially small forms and my gynecomastia, I figured my bra would be filled out plenty and if too big, I can always get a new bra.

I’ve had my Megularlo Silicon Breast Forms for a few weeks now, and I gotta say – I LOVE MY NEW TITS!

They’re bouncy. They’re squishy. They jiggle when I walk or bounce. It definitely makes me feel more feminine. Only using two forms and nothing else is way more convenient and less potentially embarrassing for me than stuffing with various materials. And since they’re made of silicone, they fill out my bra smoothly and don’t look so rigid and stiff. They hang in my bra with heft and weight which gives a pleasant sensation of actually feeling supported by the bra.

PinitZoe in a cute blue, purple, and white striped bikini top and red shorts with white hearts in front of the bathroom mirror

I decided to take a dumb risk and take a swim with my new forms in because I wanted to fill out my swimsuit and see if they floated (they did not). I didn’t have any problems with the built-in support of my one piece, and they only sort of fit my bikini top but due to the size they do peek out from time to time. From a distance, it probably just looks like side-boob but it wouldn’t pass up-close inspection. Lucky for me, if you got close enough to inspect I likely already trust that you aren’t an asshole.

CAVEAT: I’m not recommending you swim in your forms, and you should always check with your manufacturer to see if they say it’s safe for the product. In my case, I took them out immediately after and patted dry with a towel after rinsing them off in the sink. Never leave them to air dry after exposure to pool water.

Not a lot of Cons

It’s the summer time in these southern United States, and that means at any given minute I’m sweaty as fuck. Most days, with these forms, it’s been fine and bearable. But I am largely inactive (except for the occasional swim in the pool), and my body hates physical labor. So on a day when I have to clean up around the house or the temp crosses 95 degrees Fahrenheit, I am drenched. I will probably change clothes 2 or 3 times. At the moment I don’t own many bras, so I can either take my bra and forms off, or I can keep them on and sweat it out. I’m extremely looking forward to the Fall season.

This is not going to give you cleavage. There are ways to do that with makeup and push-up bras, but if your bra doesn’t offer cleavage-making form, then you’re not going to get anything extra from a large set of forms. You can use forms in combination with other strategies to get cleavage that you desire.

Pinitphoto of the textured backside of the two breast forms

These breast forms come with a textured, concave backing to fit over your breast and help prevent them slipping out of place, but it is not advertised as a self-adhesive pair of forms. In fact, at these cup sizes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any that are self-adhesive. That means you’re going to need a supportive, full-coverage bra to keep these on your chest. Alternatively, you could pick up some medical grade adhesive so that they’re still easy to remove later.

See What They Did For Me

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My final verdict on the Megularlo Silicone Breast Forms that I bought from Amazon: I highly recommend these for the budget beginner. The price is at the lower end for breast forms without sacrificing quality. They have discreet packaging, so you can obtain them safely and privately. They do make my chest sweat more, but that’s manageable and likely with any silicone forms in the summer. The nipples are not comically exaggerated, but they make me feel sexy and cheeky when they’re visible through my top.

Let me know in the comments if you bought or want to buy these, or let me know which breast forms you like. Tell me about your experiences with breast forms and ask me questions about shopping for breast forms below!

Love and hugs <3 -Zoe

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