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PinitRed-haired Zoe smiling with a flowery top on.
Howdy. I’m not sure why you’re here, to be honest. But I’m glad you are. As you probably figured out by now, you can Call Me Zöe (with an umlaut). In October 2016, I started a long overdue conversation with myself about my gender, and the short version is that I came out to myself and some family and friends as a transgender woman. What I was called before that doesn’t matter anymore. I prefer she/her pronouns.

More than trans

I have no doubt that at some point if I did a word cloud on this site that “trans” or “transgender” will show up pretty high on the list of most often used words. Even though it’s occupied a lot of my thought life since 2016, there’s a lot more that defines me than just “transgender woman.” For example, I’m a sarcastic asshole most of the time. I had a very Christian upbringing, and that’s still causing some tension. I came out to my Mom and most everyone else in Fall 2017.

I’m into Dungeons & Dragons (3.5, Pathfinder) and other tabletop role playing games (White Wolf, Savage Worlds). I play video games casually – few games have caught my attention span like Minecraft, WoW, and the Fallout/Elder Scrolls games. I went to school for radio production, project management, and web technology over the years. I’ve owned a few businesses. I have about 10 years of Help Desk experience under my belt. I do websites.


Most of what I plan to write about here will be things I care about. There aren’t a lot of good resources for trans people to find legitimate reviews and information on products that might help us with dysphoria or self-care. To that end, I will be trying to update as I try new things to accomplish that self-care.

Right now, that’s going to include trans issues & how-to’s, sex toys and other product reviews, dating and sex advice, and maybe games / movies.

Zöe Elsewhere