The links below are to websites and resources I frequently reference or visit for fun. None of these links are sponsored nor did I receive any compensation for consideration. They’re just sites I like.

  • Ask Transgender Sub-Reddit [TW/CW: Suicide / self-harm related posts are often not moderated out]
    A great resource for general newb questions about being transgender / being an ally.
  • is where you can read my partner’s sex toy reviews and snark.
  • /R/Trees for anyone who’s interested in the date April 20th
  • Questionable Content is a comic I’ve been following for a long time, I think I might be Dora. It also has a well-written transgender woman named Claire who dates the main character, Marten.
  • Assigned Male is a cute and poignant web comic written and illustrated by transgender artist Sophie Labelle.
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