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“I would like them to understand that we are people. We’re human beings, and this is a human life. This is reality for us, and all we ask for is acceptance and validation for what we say that we are. It’s a basic human right.”

— Andreja Pejic in an interview with Vogue, 2014

How-To Trans: A Series for Newly Hatched Trans Babies

How Do You Know If You’re Transgender?

How to boobs without HRT: a guide

How to pee standing up: a guide to stand-to-pee (STP) devices

And for your loved ones:

My loved one just came out as transgender – now what?

Relationships, Dating, Sex Advice

Princess Zöe talks BDSM: How to Dom Me Properly

Just polyamory stuff: compersion when your partner is dating and you’re not

Product Reviews

Tig Ol’ Bitties: Megularlo Silicone Breast Forms Review

How-To Trans: Pee Standing Up with an STP Device


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